Sound Proof


"Sound Proof is a fresh new male vocal group you can't help but love. Chris Lee, from Atlanta, Georgia; Ethan Jones, from Atlanta Georgia; and Matt Mahfood, from Kingston, Jamaica, provide a classic R&B vibe, mixed in with a more modern pop/alternative sound and, of course a splash of Jamaican flavor.

The group met at The McCallie School, a boarding school in Chattanooga, Tennessee where they shared their gifts in their own a cappella group, and found themselves at Belmont together some years later. As a Christ centered group, Sound Proof has music that resounds with a great message and a delivery for all audiences."


Forest Fire Gospel Choir


"Forest Fire Gospel Choir is a Nashville based roots rock band originally formed during a recording project in rural Arkansas.  While spending a week together tracking an album under a different band name, FF//GC decided to scrap the entire project and reinvent themselves. 

Forged out of analog vibes and good times, FF//GC has a sound somewhere in between Dr. Dog, Joe Cocker, and Kings of Leon, with a mission to recapture the most authentic elements of classic rock and channel them into a sound that is fresh and new.  

With a combination of soul music, blues, and garage rock, Forest Fire Gospel Choir is here to put the music in your ears."




"During his freshman year at Belmont University, Drew Miller founded a band based in Nashville comprised of his closest friends: as singer (Janie) with a long and cherished past in theater, an Irish-dancing classical pianist (Kelly), an aspiring composer of film scores (Tyler), a highly motivated and witty violinist (Camille), a bluegrass extraordinaire (Riley), and a bassist (Michael) whose grooves are to die for.

We now call ourselves The Orchardist. Drawing inspiration from folk music and acoustic rock with the a dash of musical theatre, we'll play in houses, churches, coffeehouses, bars, and backyards. We have made a full album with the help of love and caffeine, achieved airplay on our favorite radio station Lightning 100, and recently returned from an altogether lovely summer tour. We appreciate cream soda, camping adventures, new friends, and most of all, the love of Jesus.

For us, music is a precious gift. We hope to extend that gift to you, friend. If, through our songs, we can offer you even a shred of the light that we've received from all we've been given, that would be the sweetest thing. We look forward to meeting you."


kassi ashton


Kassi Ashton grew up in the rural town of California, Missouri. She attributes the person she is today to her childhood experience. Kassi’s parents separated when she was very young, thus she grew up in two very different households. However, it was during this time that Kassi learned to love music. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she found a passion for singing, and sharing musical tastes with her father, she grew up listening to the music of Hank Sr. and Jamey Johnson. Kassi’s music reflects both the nostalgia that her dad engrained within her, as well as the spirited sass and attitude that her mom projected while singing on Broadway. Kassi is now a senior Commercial Voice major with a Music Business minor at Belmont University. She calls her music “country soul,” and simply smirks when asked if that’s “even an actual genre.”




Aubrey Holden was born in Nashville, Tennessee but grew up on the banks of the Tennessee river in Florence, Alabama. He is 20 years old, and studying commercial voice at Belmont University. As a songwriter, he draws inspiration from every genre, but finds himself drawn to pop and country music. Aubrey is inspired by artists and writers like Sam Hunt, Chris Stapleton, Kelsea Ballerini, and Charlie Worsham.

emma place

Emma Place is a 20 year old country singer and songwriter. originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After attending a songwriting workshop at the age of 14, Emma began to build her song repertoire, and from then on became a frequent performer in showcases throughout California. Leaning on country and pop music influences such as Faith Hill, The Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, and Michelle Branch, Place has always been inspired by simple melodic hooks and captivating lyrics. 

Brad Blackburn

Inspired by classic songwriters like Don Henley and Paul McCartney, along with more recent artists like John Mayer and Bruno Mars, Brad has been developing his own style of writing and performing since he was 12 years old.

After playing countless gigs in his home state of Texas, Brad made the move to Nashville, TN to follow his passion for songwriting. Now a junior at Belmont University, Brad frequently plays venues like the Bluebird Café and The Listening Room. He is currently recording his second album due March 2016.

stephen day

Hi, my name is Stephen Day! I was born and raised in Buford, Georgia and right around the time I was born my parents started Celebration Church. Growing up in a church I got to hear my pops preach and my mom sing every Sunday. Hearing these two things each week is what I believe made me want to be a songwriter. I hope to inspire and relate to people through my music. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.