Nick Boyd


Nick Boyd is a soulful country singer/songwriter from Rock Island, Illinois, a small town in the heart of the Midwest. Growing up in the Midwest, Nick absorbed music of all genres, listening to the likes of Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, the Eagles, Michael Bublè, Frank Sinatra, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson. He credits his musical talents to his family and upbringing in the Church. Nick received a keyboard for Christmas at the age of seven, and the rest is history.

Nick's vocal style has been described as "Bruno Mars meets Country Music,” and he brings a twist to the Country market through his unique piano driven melodies and his distinct musical style. Recent achievements include being selected for the Curb College’s SONY/ATV All Access program, 'ASCAP Writers Nights,’ and the School of Music’s 2018 Commercial Showcase.

Nick’s music gives insight to the good, bad, and ugly times in his young life. His goal is to share with others a common ground and story that is emotionally moving. Nick says, “Music has been able to help me grow as a person, and now I want my music to help others. That is why I am a songwriter - that is why I am an artist.”

Upon graduation, Nick plans on eventually signing a publishing deal. His end goal is to be able to be a full-time songwriter, using his unique perspectives, melodies, and lyrics. Nick will graduate from Belmont University in August of 2018. 





Parrotfish, an up and coming band originally from Tampa Bay, consists of four best friends who now all live in Nashville, Tennessee together. The boys in the band are Conor Lynch (vocals), Joe Cadrecha (guitar), Trace Chiappe (drums), and Matty Rodrigo (Bass).  With each member drawing inspiration from their own unique preferences, they are often described as having an eclectic variation of genres. Their versatile style is sure to make you smile. Soon you’ll find yourself moving in unison with the beat before you even tap your feet. Above all the four kids will all tell you that their biggest influences are each other.





You’re evergreen… I’m feeling warm in the wintertime…and it seems…It’s getting colder but I’m feeling fine”. This line from the title track of Jake Wesley Rogers’ latest EP, Evergreen, on the surface speaks of an affair of the heart, while metaphorically,  Evergreen is a reflection of all the changes Rogers was experiencing in his life. One of those changes was moving from Missouri to Nashville at the age of 18 to attend college at Belmont University. Shortly after starting school, Rogers entered a songwriting showcase that resulted in a publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1996, Rogers began performing at the age of three for anyone who would watch him. At the age of fifteen, Rogers was a quarterfinalist on the seventh season of America’s Got Talent. Rogers is no stranger to the road today and has toured extensively with his side pr oject band LUX and is now preparing to get on the road with his own solo music. Rogers is also actively songwriting and has had music placed on “Days of Our Lives” and E’s “Party On”.Despite his age, Jake’s musical influences are more like that of an old-soul, as he cites Fleetwood Mac, Carole King, The Rolling Stones as well as Adele and Lana Del Rey as his inspiration.


David dennis


"Born and raised just outside of Atlanta, David Dennis felt called to music from an early age. Growing up in the church, opportunities were plentiful for him to worship God through music, and in doing so he was able to discover and foster his musical ability. After moving to Nashville in the fall of 2014, David immersed himself in the Music City community and began to develop himself as an artist.

With his music, David seeks to write songs that strengthen his listeners in the soul, encourage them in the heart, and inspire them in the mind. David desires to use his platform to encourage this generation to follow their dreams and to believe if God called them to do something then there is no doubt He will fulfil it. “There are too many superstars in the church, and my heart is not to build my empire but His kingdom.” David loves to build relationships, interact with others, and eat chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce."




Daniel Ethridge

Somewhere between the LA melodic structure and Texan obsession with lyrics is Daniel Ethridge. His thoughtful lyrics and infectious melodies make it hard not to become an immediate fan. Writing about women more often than not, Daniel draws influence from artists like Chris Stapleton, Maroon 5, The Cadillac Three, and Steve Moakler. When he's not writing or performing, Daniel enjoys the Lakers & the Dodgers, Jeeps, and long walks on the beach. 



Born the seventh of eight children in Lindsay Ontario, Canada, singer/songwriter Madison Kozak is a storyteller at heart. Growing up in a musical household, she discovered her passion for entertaining at an early age. “I never shy away from honesty,” she notes, “I’ve always been drawn to music that feels like a page ripped out of someone’s diary.” Madison seamlessly blends her old-country roots with clever lyrics and catchy melodies to create a sound that is fresh, unique and compelling. Past performances include CMA Fest, Nashville Predators games and the legendary Bluebird Café. Whether it’s in front of ten people or a thousand, Madison’s infectious energy and lively personality are guaranteed to evoke excitement and enthusiasm across generations of audiences


Wynter Bethel

Wynter Bethel is a singer-songwriter from the woods of Northern Michigan. Rooted in 70s rock and witty indie-pop influences, Wynter shines in poignantly honest storytelling with left of center lyricism and pop sensible melodies. Wynter is a SESAC affiliate. She currently lives in Nashville, TN where she is pursuing a BBA in Music Business at Belmont University, graduating in December of 2017.


Jillian Steele

Jillian Steele is a born storyteller. Growing up on Long Island, the indie pop singer-songwriter developed an early love for performing and sharing her life with others. Jillian began singing and acting in musicals and commercials. After taking a break from acting, she turned her focus to her writing and telling her personal stories. She found her new voice in songwriting - jotting down hundreds of experiences, ideas and emotions and learning to truly express herself thorough lyrics.