Christian Showcase 2016 | September 17th | Curb event center


Showcase Winner


"Alyssa Newton developed a passion for worship music at a young age. Her first performance was at a church retreat in fourth grade, where she sang “Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns. With her original worship music and leadership style, she hopes to lead others into a safe space to feel freedom and joy in the presence of the Lord."




"I couldn’t be more excited to stand in the place I have called home for the past four years and play the songs that have marked my time here. These songs came from moments of doubt, excitement and fear, but now I sing them with joy, knowing that every moment of this journey has grown me in ways I never imagined possible."




"As a native of Florida, Taylor is an accurate representation of the sunshine state. She is a beaming light of joy and a bundle of positive energy. Her character is accurately reflected in her music and exhibited in her uplifting personality."




"Adelphos was formed a year ago at Belmont with the intention to further the kingdom of God. They have been able to travel around the southern US and record a six track EP. Creating a new and innovative sound to worship, Adelphos strives to generate honest and intense worship. They pray that their music can be as impactful on you as it is to them."