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Forest Fire Gospel Choir

Showcase Winner


Forest Fire Gospel Choir is a Nashville based roots rock band originally formed during a recording project in rural Arkansas.  While spending a week together tracking an album under a different band name, FF//GC decided to scrap the entire project and reinvent themselves. 

Forged out of analog vibes and good times, FF//GC has a sound somewhere in between Dr. Dog, Joe Cocker, and Kings of Leon, with a mission to recapture the most authentic elements of classic rock and channel them into a sound that is fresh and new.  

With a combination of soul music, blues, and garage rock, Forest Fire Gospel Choir is here to put the music in your ears.


Ivory Coast 


Ivory Coast is a rock outfit, rising from the sidewalk cracks and open bedroom windows across Nashville.  Realizing their mutual love for folk rockers Fleet Foxes, members Patrick, Logan, and Josiah joined ranks and began to mold their sound, later adding Ryan McCoy. 

Drawing from a wide variety of influence from soul to psych-rock to late-romanticism, Ivory Coast is primarily guitar driven, weaving dreamy textures over a solid rhythmic foundation. Rhythm and melody exist in symbiosis, inexplicably intertwined.

Ryan McCoy plays bass, Patrick Sewalk plays guitar and takes lead vocal, Logan Todd plays drums, and Josiah Walrond plays guitar.


Pineapple Tours


Pineapple Tours is a Lo-Fi “Internet project” developed by Lake Markham during the summer of 2014. Themoniker was originally a way for Lake to release original content to an audience that resided purely on the Internet. After gaining traction and substantial positive response, Lake felt compelled to bring the project to life.

In August of 2015 he reached out to a number of friends to support the act in live settings, with the express intent of enjoying music outside of an otherwise fiercely competitive scene. Pineapple Tours now includes a band comprised of Erik Maynard, JP Hechter, Jacob Kissamis, and Brock Burger. Without having performed a single show, Pineapple Tours boasts significant audience engagement with its fans from across the world through its SoundCloud and Facebook pages.


Kyler Daron


Kyler Daron is a songwriter originally from Boise, ID. In 2012, he moved to Nashville, TN, to pursue a career in music. 

From the opening strings through the first sound of Kyler’s sensitive baritone vocals, it’s evident that this is a talented singer songwriter. Daron’s work is highlighted perfectly by female backing vocals. This album is exactly the kind folk music that I find intoxicating. It’s not footstomping and hand clapping for fame's sake; rather, it’s the kind of introspective folk that stays true to the roots of the genre while adding a dash of alt rock in song structure and instrumentation. Good stuff for fans of bands like Dashboard Confessional. 

-Greg Jones (EarToTheGround Music)

The band consists of seven members total, all of whom met through Belmont, and found an affinity in music together. Ethereal strings and reverb-drenched guitars accompany passionate vocals to mold a distinct and energetic sound that will capture your attention and keep you eager to hear more.