Rock Showcase 2016 | NOVEMBER 5th | Curb event center


Showcase Winner


"Consisting of Charlie Greene, Ben Booth, Taylor Dubray, and Chase Wofford - Wilder combines the lyrical and vocal styles of Americana/Folk with an instrumental style that can be best described as groovy alternative rock. Influenced by artists such as Kings of Leon, Coldplay, and Mumford & Sons, the band puts an emphasis on their songwriting and exciting live shows. Wilder is in the process of recording their upcoming EP and strives to create songs that can truly impact people as well as put on shows that always leave people wanting more."




"Aspiring to revisit classic sounds from the 1950s and 1960s, Niles Rooker and Jeff Meloen started a blues-rock duo in 2014. With the addition of bassist Jake Saghi, Niles Rooker Trio was able to achieve a wider songwriting dynamic as well as a thicker sound as a band. With a string of notable local performances and the praise of local outlets BalconyTV Nashville and No Country for New Nashville, Niles Rooker Trio is establishing themselves as a local staple."




"Planet Pluto is comprised of Zach Funkhouser, John Ottenlips, Max Zikakis, and Will Youngclause. The members all come from a wide array of musical backgrounds; one can hear elements of jazz, disco, blues, rap, and rock. The members share a combined love of Broadway, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Black Sabbath and Modest Mouse. With such a wide array of influences to pick from, they don’t fall short in producing unique music that will keep the listener intrigued."




"Coming from all corners of the country and meeting as college students upon moving to Nashville, The Pressure Kids were quickly able to bond over their passion for creating something innovative and fresh. Known for their energetic live shows and highly melodic brand of indie rock, over the past year they have been releasing their debut EP -'Tiger', playing the Wilco-headlined Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, and touring across the southeast."