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Rock Showcase 2017 | oCTOBER 21st | Curb Events Center

Sam Johnston


Born in the heart of the Lone Star State, Sam Johnston learned early that everything really IS bigger in Texas. The poised and thoughtful composure of his music is no exception. Big guitar breaks, big vocal expositions, and big-time storytelling. After a devastating injury, suffered on the football field, left Sam with a broken back and broken NFL dreams, he turned to his 6-string looking to channel his unflappable spirit. It was during these long hours, crammed in his room, headphones blaring Mayer and Hendrix, that a star was born. Sam effortlessly blends blues, neo soul, and classic rock stylings with ease, flair, and a beaming smile. In an age when the term “Singer/Songwriter” is about as washed out as your mom’s jeans, Sam is helping earn respect back for the title.



The Thing with feathers


The Thing With Feathers is a rock and roll band from Nashville, Tennessee with roots in Blues, Punk, and Garage Rock. The band is comprised of three core members David Welcsh, Joey, and Tommy Mann. The band started during Belmont University’s Master Production Class last year, where they recorded Sweet Desire. As the school year progressed the band did more demos: Brave, Sitting On My Time and Burning In the Light. They then focused on playing shows at Mississippi State, Boulevard, and front man David Welcsh doing shows in Alabama. The band is focused on tracking their first full album, booking more local shows, and gearing up for a 2018 summer tour. 


Group nap


Indie-rock band Group Nap formed in October of 2015, when singer and bassist Emma Lambiase brought her original songs to her 2 friends to learn for a show. Since then, the band has consisted of up to 10 members. Currently, Group Nap operates as a female power-trio at its core: guitar, bass and drums. Group Nap draws from the genres of jazz, math rock, and pop to create a completely unique sound. The tight core trio of the group allows for constantly changing production and instrumentation, bringing in elements of improvisation and always leaving room for new ideas. The band name refers to Emma’s struggles with a sleep disorder, which caused frequent ‘group naps’ with her cat and dog.




Showcase Winner

Parrotfish, an up and coming band originally from Tampa Bay, consists of four best friends who now all live in Nashville, Tennessee together. The boys in the band are Conor Lynch (vocals), Joe Cadrecha (guitar), Trace Chiappe (drums), and Matty Rodrigo (Bass).  With each member drawing inspiration from their own unique preferences, they are often described as having an eclectic variation of genres. Their versatile style is sure to make you smile. Soon you’ll find yourself moving in unison with the beat before you even tap your feet. Above all the four kids will all tell you that their biggest influences are each other.