Sound Proof

Showcase Winner


"Sound Proof is a fresh new male vocal group you can't help but love. Chris Lee, from Atlanta, Georgia; Ethan Jones, from Atlanta Georgia; and Matt Mahfood, from Kingston, Jamaica, provide a classic R&B vibe, mixed in with a more modern pop/alternative sound and, of course a splash of Jamaican flavor.

The group met at The McCallie School, a boarding school in Chattanooga, Tennessee where they shared their gifts in their own a cappella group, and found themselves at Belmont together some years later. As a Christ centered group, Sound Proof has music that resounds with a great message and a delivery for all audiences."


David Dennis


"Born and raised just outside of Atlanta, David felt called to music from an early age. Growing up in the church, opportunities were plentiful for him to worship through music, and in doing so he was able to discover and foster his musical ability.  After moving to Nashville in the fall of 2014, David immersed himself in the Music City community and began to develop himself as an artist. By the spring of 2015 he had found a manager, put together a band, and signed a sponsorship deal for the recording of his debut EP Phase 1 was recorded in the first week of May and will finally see a release date later this fall.

With his music David seeks to write songs that strengthen his listeners in the soul, encourage them in the heart, and inspire them in the mind. He blends mid-tempo R&B with elements of gospel, soul, and funk, and he seeks to engage his listeners with upbeat, fun, and inspirational music. Outside of music David loves to build relationships and interact with others, and he currently does so by working with prospective and new students as a Bruin Recruiter and RA in Patton Hall."




"SAWYER, the brand new indie­pop outfit comprised of Emma Harvey and Kel Taylor, is quickly building a reputation for resonating, earnest songwriting and articulate musicianship. Sawyer is an evolution of Taylor's solo project, Kel, who early on recruited Harvey to play guitar and mandolin in her backing band. When the two collaborated together on "Nightfall," the title track of Kel's 2014 EP, a partnership began.

Growing quickly from dorm­room writing sessions to airplay on Lightning 100 and a "best songs of 2014" nod from Nashville's Cause A Scene, Taylor and Harvey have already opened for singer­-songwriters, Jon McLaughlin and Steve Moakler. Their signature, folk­tinged sound was recently merged with the indie­pop energy of influences, Coin and Coldplay, in their first single 'Letting Go'."


Lana boleyjack


"My name is Tauniasha Arlana Boleyjack, but most of you probably know me as Lana. I’m from Nashville, TN, born and raised. Both of my parents were musicians; before I was born, my mom and dad would sing gospel songs that they wrote together at churches and different venues around town. I always grew up listening to both of them sing and play music around our home, and I always had a special bond with music. My mom noticed my gift early and enrolled me in an arts’ middle school where I joined choir and string orchestra, as well as making me take private piano lessons once or twice a week.

When I was younger, I took music for granted and didn’t really care about practicing or honing my craft, but as I’ve gotten older and realized my passion, I’ve realized just how much I value my gift and want it to grow. I love all types of music, but my heart leaps whenever I hear Neo-soul and Jazz. I’m so excited to play some funky soul music for you guys, and I hope my music makes your hearts leap the way it does mine."