urban pop Showcase 2016 | october 15th | Curb event center


Showcase Winner


"Estef is an LA based artist with a love for soul and would love to bring this to the table as it is the basis of all good pop music.  She loves to dance and make people move and hopes to bring this to showcase this year!"




"Electronic-pop artist, Benjamin Poss, is a fresh face on the pop music scene and currently lives in Nashville, TN. His debut body of sound, B, was released March 15th 2016 and appeals to a wide variety of listeners through it's overall sound and messages that it conveys.

He debuted his single INSOMNIA in October of 2015, which has received thousands of listens and video views worldwide. He has always been influenced by the entire world around him.

His electro-charged pop sound is undeniable and is very unique in it's way of communicating.

Benjamin's overall purpose and mission is to show people that no matter what you've been through, you are not alone and you can survive."


Nathan A-RON


"Nathan A-Ron is a multi instrumentalist 'acid-blues' music maker currently jamming the days away in the heart of Nashville, TN. To some, he is known as the highly energetic singer/shredder of his prog blues band 'Down Boy'. To others, he's the music minister of the Progressive Baptist church, the kid who plays that gospel piano every Sunday like no one else's business. Some know him as a friendly session musician, some see a keys player that's layin' it down behind whatever Nashville artist he's playing with at the time. Amidst the beautiful chaos that defines the life of a professional musician, Aronowitz finds solitude in his personal art. 'Nathan A-Ron' is his new outlet for the music written outside of the chaos, free from the pressures and influences of the outside world, 100% A-Ron. The recordings are organic; each track is a performance. Peer into the colorful mind of a genuine musician, a passionate creator, an artist of this generation that can't be ignored."




"Tyra Thompson is a high energy performer, that prides herself on having a chill confidence. Tyra has been singing since the age of six, and is grateful that she had the opportunity to hone her craft at Belmont in the Commercial Music program. At Belmont, Tyra has been blessed to sing with groups such as University Singers, Session, Phoenix, and she currently is a music director of the Beltones at Belmont. Tyra has also sung at the Sydney Opera House, the Chicago House of Blues, and many other locations in addition to singing on the Belmont stage. Tyra is thankful for every opportunity she has to share her music with the world."